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Become a Reseller

Thinking of becoming an IPTV Reseller , or just want to swap from you current supplier? 

Then you have came to the right place.

We are a popular choice with resellers because we have the best Iptv for UK Channels, USA Channels and European Channels so if you are trying to get away from  providers who are unreliable, too expensive, or just want to get away from the normal dictatorship run type server, and want to try a different way.


We operate a community run server where no major decision is made by one person. This draws on the years of experience of many sellers keeping the server the best possible for the most amount of peoples needs.

We also welcome re-sellers input  on monitoring and added content.

Again we feel this draws on years of experience keeping the service the best possible.

smarters pro app

Branded apps

You can also buy a app with your logos on


Your own portal will be built in making it easier for customers, and this way if any other re-sellers portal, our even or own, gets blocked if will not effect yours.

Smarters App

This is a great app based on the Smarters format, but with a much sleeker design with two live views, EPG menu, VOD and recording features.

Ready to become a reseller, or just want to topup your exsisting panel? 

Then click here!

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