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Check that your other devices are connecting to the internet so you know you have service coming in to your property. If they don't contact your service provider.

If they are, check that your box is connected to the router and you can see the orange and green lights flashing where you connect the Ethernet cable.

If they are not, there is no data transfer. Try changing the Ethernet cable.

IP Conflict
IPTV, Router inputs

If still no IPTV channels then you may have a IP Conflict. This is normally caused by hibernating a laptop, and the two devices are trying to use the same IP address.

You will need to hard reset the router by holding a pen in the rest hole on the back of the router for 10 secs (see picture), or holding the button like the top picture, if it has one.
You will normally see all the light flash and then go off. When you do remove the pen and let the router reboot.

If you have been unable to resolve your issue please fill out the Tech Support form here!
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